i have no will power

I am totally trying to be a more reliable blogger. I *so* have to fight the urge to just veg in front of the computer. And then I turn on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and start looking at food porn on Pinterest and I just wind up doing nothing productive at all.

I’ve been doing great with my Paleo challenge. That was until my mom read that dark chocolate was a super food and started buying shit tons of chocolate. I want to burn it all. Effing ridiculous. I need more will power. I need to quit chocolate until we get back to Deutschland. Even though I won’t be able to finish the Open, I want the best performance possible.

I also have an extreme weakness for sweet-hot things, which explains why I love my husband so much (did you just gag reading that? Cause it was SO SWEET). Anyway, I love Hot Tamales, hot cinnamon bears, Red Hots, etc. So my mom bought me a chocolate bar with chili in it for Valentine’s day. We’ve got kind of a Broke Back Mountain thing going on, me and chili-choco bar. I wish I could quit you.

I just figured out kipping hand stand push ups. What? I know, I’m like 20 years behind on CF-related things because I was WODing solo for so long. The things you learn at the box.

Also, feel sorry for my husband because I have sent him like 9 million emails while he’s been away on a mission. I am usually much cooler during his “radio silences”, but it’s been a while and I’ve got stuff to say.

****ALERT**** Iron Chef just came on and would you GUESS what the secret ingredient is??????

CHOCOLATE AND CHILIS!! I’m not even kidding. Holy shit. Amazeballs. Although the Iron Chef is Michael Symon and I find him a little contrived and over the top. I feel like he’s pretty boring in real life and his screen persona is what he thinks a celebrity chef should be. God, who have I become? I’m giving you commentary on Iron Chef contributors.


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