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My thoughts on Shakeology

Ok, my fbook newsfeed has been absolutely flooded with people selling Shakeology. I have looked at the nutrition facts and it’s not terrible as meal replacements go, but there are some things that really bother me (which I will now list for you).

1) There are no unbiased reviews of this product. Most every review you find on the internet is written by a Team Beachbody “coach”. These coaches need zero actual knowledge of fitness or nutrition. They get paid via a multi-level marketing scheme for selling Shakeology and the accompanying exercise “programs” (Insanity, P90X, etc). As someone who is an accredited coach, this is bothersome to me. I work hard to have as much knowledge as possible and money is of no interest to me–I really am just that passionate about fitness and nutrition.

2) Meal replacements are a horrible choice for a daily meal. If you have it for breakfast everyday, yes, you will lose weight. A single serving of Shakeology is fat free and very low calorie, which will definitely result in weightloss. But in the meantime, you learn no real skills for eating that meal without your crutch (Shakeology). So when the shakes are gone, you will probably gain weight back. Then you could start the Shakeology cycle over again and buy some more from your coach (or you could get in on the deal and start selling it yourself).

3) I saw the supplement billed as “5 trips to the salad bar”. I’ve got a newsflash for you–nothing dehydrated, powdered and processed is going to be as good as 5 trips to the salad bar. Sorry.

4) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Shakeology doesn’t seem like it will commit the vast majority of users to a lifestyle change.

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Do you remember when Calvin Klein Obsession was the hottest b*tch on the block? Around the era when everyone was wearing Tommy Hilfiger mid-calf white athletic socks with shorts and Doc Martens sandals. Thank you for evolving, fashion world.

So, I have become obsessed with getting my long-ish pixie cut ala Michelle Williams, spring 2010. My appointment isn’t for 2 weeks. It’s going to be a long 2 weeks for my Pinterest followers! Clothes, makeup ideas, etc.

I’m over 1 month in to my 8 week strict Paleo challenge. I had 2 cheats: 1 margarita on 1/23 for my birthday and 1 glass of wine on 1/14 for my birthday. I know…2 birthday cheats. I’m a loser. But I am seeing results and that’s what counts.

I use Washington Post Social Reader on Facebook and for the most part, it’s good, except for the fact that after a few relevant articles, my feed is riddled with sports pieces from my alma mater, which I really don’t care about. And I especially don’t care about basketball. It’s a sport I just don’t get.

And you may notice (small, humble collection of followers–and I think one of you is a business, so that brings me to one follower), that I changed the name of my blog to Max Effort. Max effort is a term popular in CrossFit, especially re: sprints. But it takes my max effort to parent well, to CrossFit well, and to make appropriate food choices. So there you have it.

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Back at it

For the longest time, my husband has been begging me to write, because I’m so damn hilarious. But as a new mom, my free time is pretty much limited to doing laundry, meal prep, working out and the occasional afternoon of watching Friends reruns and reading something completely mindless like Mindy Kaling’s book. But…you know, I’m feeling inspired. I feel like all the wonderful and appreciative people in my life will be absolutely delighted to read what’s really going on in my head.

So, I’m gonna give you a little list of hot topics for me right now–

1) Sharing religious/political crap on facebook is unnecessary if you use it to “socially network” with your coworkers. Seriously…keep that sh*t to yourself. I’m not going to watch/read it anyway.

2) If 37 of your friends have already shared a link on facebook, do you really need to share it, too?

3) I’m tired of hearing how hard it is to work out or make an effort to think about what your putting in your pie hole. You know what’s hard? Having your toe fall off from diabetes complications. Having a stroke. Breaking a hip. I do good for my body now so I won’t be a crochety old ball of wrinkles unable to enjoy my grandchildren.

4) It takes about as much time to make Hellburger Helper as it does to season some ground bison, form it into patties, cook it and serve it with some salad and a few slices of avocado. Bonus: no freaky corn and soy byproducts going ape on your organs.

5) My sweet baby has figured out the jumperoo. To her credit, she’s very short for her age, so her feet have only really reached the ground for about a week. Anyway, for the past 2 days she’s been delighting the hell out of herself in her little jumperoo. Pretty cute. Brightened my day after I spent way too much time on the phone dealing with my [deployed] husband’s stolen debit card information.

6) I’m tired of the mommy wars. Cloth diaperers, boobaholics, baby-led-weaners, formula feeders, rice cereal at 2 weekers, tummy sleepers. WE ARE ALL JUST DOING WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR BABY. Don’t wear it like a combat patch, ladies.

7) I feel bad for anyone who questions me about my eating habits. They get way more than they bargained for, including diatribes against corn, grains, high fructose corn syrup, industrial feed lots and the like. Sorry, y’all.