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1. Less than a month until C-money and I fly back to Deutschland. I’m excited to reunite with my husband (and my stuff), but dreading the flight somethin’ fierce. A small part of me is terrified of inciting a passenger mutiny and them throwing open the emergency exit door and forcing us down the inflatable slide thing. My baby has a habit of screeching when bored…crap.

2. C is teething. Enough said. 4 hours of sleep a night is probably not preparing me well for the Open WODs. Oh well.

3. I am obsessed with Lululemon. It’s so flattering, cute and comfortable. I want to wear my workout clothes all. the. time.

4. The best baby teether I have come across is my iPhone in an Otterbox cover.

5. Hail Merry vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free desserts are rocking my world right now. You won’t regret eating one. Seriously.


Hair today, gone in a week or so?

Once upon a time, after a particularly long and rough deployment to Iraq that include many familial traumas, I chopped all my hair off just before my husband came home. And I don’t mean that in a 4-inches kind of way. I mean that in a I had hair halfway down my back when I entered the salon and I looked like Mia Farrow when I left kinda way.

Well, now I’m feeling the itch again. And I saw this beautiful cut that Michelle Williams had at Cannes in 2010. And I want to do it. Like, bad.

So chic, so effortless. I want to be her.Isn’t that cute? I know some men hate short hair on women. Lucky me, I was neither raised by one or am married to one. They both dig short hair on a lady.

In WOD news, I did a solo Fran at the box on Friday. It was killer/lonely. It really hammered home just how weak one can get taking 6 months off (and I will reiterate I didn’t /want/ to take 6 months off!).  I did it RX’ed–9:39. Ugh.

I should note, for my own posterity, that no TV program delights my daughter more than the Today Show. Home-girl loves her some Matt Lauer. She also stood on her own for 2 seconds yesterday (she’ll be 7 months in 2 days).

Also, 6 weeks to go until I fly baby C and myself back to Deutschland. Anyone have any tips for 11 hour plane rides with an 8 month old, aside from drugging her (which I really don’t want to do)?

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